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Top Strategies For Financial Security

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Top Strategies For Financial Security

Companies Need These 5 Features In A Digital Payment Platform

Kent Cook

A digital payment platform is critical to a wide range of modern e-commerce and even regular commerce activities. Many people don't know exactly what they need from a platform, though, when they look at the available options. You will want a platform that has these five features.

Numerous Payment Methods

Minimally, a digital payment network needs to include the ability to at least accept credit and debit card payments from Visa and Mastercard. Ideally, the network should handle transactions from other brand-name credit card companies. Mobile payments through apps on the Android and iOS phone platforms are also nice to have, especially if you want to appeal to younger buyers. You may also want to take payments from companies like PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay.

Quality UX

The user experience means a lot. You want a UX that readily explains basic things, like how many steps the platform uses to complete processes like registration, adding payment methods, and completing checkouts. The UX should also be easy to read and understand. It needs to be visually flexible enough to display well on desktop and mobile devices, too.

Businesses that are shipping packages will also want a UX that fully integrates tracking. Customers will want to log into their accounts and see where their packages currently are.


Security is critical whenever you're dealing with other people's accounts. A robust security infrastructure should detect potential fraud, stop unauthorized access, and monitor for hostile attempts to overload the network. The system also needs to have as close to 24/7 uptime as possible.

Customer Support

A digital payment platform should have sufficient customer support to address all common issues. If someone needs to cancel an order before it ships, for example, the customer support system should allow them to accomplish that. Similarly, if a code discount didn't take, the customer should be able to contact support and clear things up quickly.

The UX should also inform users of the available times for customer support. If the system uses chatbots to deal with simple support questions, it should be upfront about that fact, too.


As your business grows, you want to know that the digital payment platform will meet its needs without any modifications. If the platform requires an escalated subscription to transact more payments, for example, it should allow an authorized admin to do that with a few clicks. Likewise, the system should notify you well before the current pace of payments will require scaling.

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