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Top Strategies For Financial Security

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Top Strategies For Financial Security

Three Non-Business Questions To Ask A Bail Bond Company

Kent Cook

Getting a call in the middle of the night that your relative needs to be bailed out can be nerve wracking. When you are on the way to bail them out of jail, you may also be furious at them for getting into the predicament that sent them to jail. The first stop that you will have to make is to a bail bondsman. No one knows more than a bail bondsman about what families go through when a loved one gets arrested. Here are three non-business questions you can ask the bail bondsman to cool off before your relative gets bailed out. 

What is the best way to keep them in line?

When a relative goes to jail and gets bonded out, they will need to be careful not to get into any sort of trouble. Even being pulled over by the police can result in going back to jail. Since you will be responsible for their bond, asking the bondsman for some info on keeping them in line is best. Your bondsman will be able to tell you from experience just how to help your family member stay away from trouble. 

How to scare them from coming back?

Sometimes a healthy dose of fear can be the best deterrent for doing anything wrong. A 24-hour bail bondsman will have seen a lot of people come and go through their doors. Some people will have been successful and some have gone back to jail several times. The bondsman can tell you what they have seen go wrong with those who have gone back to jail. They can also give you some advice on how to keep your relative out of jail and trouble. This could be keeping it busy, making them go back to school, or having them take a temporary vacation with relatives in another city or state in order to get back together. 

How to go back to a new normal?

After a person in the family gets in trouble and is awaiting their court case, this can create issues throughout the family. Money may be tight due to having to pay an attorney. The children in the family may want to know what is going on but it may be too hard for them to understand the details of jail and a court case. Have a talk with the bail bondsman on tips to get the family back to a new normal while awaiting a court case. 

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