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Top Strategies For Financial Security

Hello, my name is Rhonda. If you have financial goals, this blog can help you achieve them. A few years ago, I realized that I didn't have a good plan for my future and I wondered if my financial needs would be met after I retired from my job. I immediately started planning for my future by speaking with a financial advisor and I learned a wealth of information at our meetings. By following the recommendations of my advisor and by learning everything I could about finances and money, I now feel very secure about my future. If you need financial help for retirement planning, college savings or even for an emergency fund, you can get sound advice by reading my blog. I believe that by following a few basic strategies, everyone can meet their goals and be financially secure.


Top Strategies For Financial Security

3 Tips for Buying Silver Coins

Kent Cook

Do you want to start buying silver coins, either as an investment or to collect them? If so, it will help to know these tips.

Only Buy Reputable Silver

It's very important that the silver that you are buying is real, which means you want to focus on reputable silver. You are always going to get a higher value for more reputable silver when it comes time to sell the piece or your collection in the future. This is why many people invest in silver coins — you know how much silver is in each coin due to it coming from a reputable source of the government that minted the coin. 

When you are buying bricks of silver from a source that you do not know, it can bring questions about how much silver is actually in the brick from those looking to buy it. This will cause you to get less money for the silver down the road, which could affect your profits or the overall worth of your collection.

Don't Overpay for Premiums

A mistake that many people make when buying silver coins is overpaying for a particular coin because they believe it will be worth more money. Know that the coin is only valuable due to the silver that is found in the coin. You should focus your purchases on actual solid silver because the appropriate dollar value has to do with how much silver the coin contains. If you start overpaying because of how rare a specific coin is, you're going to be paying far more per ounce for the silver itself. There is no guarantee that the coin can be resold for a higher value later on. However, if you are buying silver coins purely because you want to collect them, then feel free to pay the premium because you want a specific coin. 

Space Out Your Silver Purchases

It is always a good idea to space out your silver coins purchases so that you are not buying them all at once. The reason for this is to hedge your risk against the fluctuating cost of silver. If you buy all your silver at one time, and then there is a crash, the cost of all your coins is going to be low and take some time to recover. Those that space out their purchases can either buy at the dips when the price crashes or continue to buy more as the price increases. It's less risky and is a good technique for beginners. 

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