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Top Strategies For Financial Security

Hello, my name is Rhonda. If you have financial goals, this blog can help you achieve them. A few years ago, I realized that I didn't have a good plan for my future and I wondered if my financial needs would be met after I retired from my job. I immediately started planning for my future by speaking with a financial advisor and I learned a wealth of information at our meetings. By following the recommendations of my advisor and by learning everything I could about finances and money, I now feel very secure about my future. If you need financial help for retirement planning, college savings or even for an emergency fund, you can get sound advice by reading my blog. I believe that by following a few basic strategies, everyone can meet their goals and be financially secure.


Top Strategies For Financial Security

Persuading Someone to Post Your Bail

Kent Cook

If you have been arrested and you need to have someone post bail for you, then you want to make sure you are convincing in your plea for help. When you are in jail, you won't be given a lot of time on the phone to find someone to post your bail, so you want to make your phone call count. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in this position, you want to remember these tips so you will increase your chances of getting a "yes" when you ask for bail money:

Keep it short and sweet

Remember, you may only have a few minutes to make your phone call, so you need to talk fast. Also, the person you are calling may not have a lot of time to talk, either, so every word should count. You want to keep the apologies and explanations to a minimum, but do lead with some softening words before you get right into asking them for bail.

Set their mind at ease

The first thing most people think about when they are asked for bail money is whether or not they have to be concerned about losing their money and possibly their collateral if the person they're bailing doesn't show up to court. Therefore, you want to let them know right away that this isn't going to be a problem. Remind them of all the reasons why you aren't going to be a flight risk and let them know you are well aware that they are taking a chance and that you would not put them in the position of losing their money.

Explain your payment plan for repaying them

The person you are asking to post bail money for you may be unable to go without that money until your court date. This can be a main reason why someone would tell you they can't help you out. If you can financially do so, let them know upfront that you understand they can't spare the money for an extended period of time, so you can pay them back sooner.

Give them specific information on how you plan to do this. For example, agree to sign your next paycheck over to them, inform them that you have the money in your bank account already and will give it to them upon your release, or agree to take out a title loan on your car to pay back the money. Once they get their money back after your court date, then the two of you can even things out again.  

By making the conversation short and to the point, you will have a better chance to persuading a friend or family member to post your bail. To learn more about this topic, contact a representative from a company like Brad's Bail Bonds.